• Booty Bands | Butt Lifter | Hip Band Loop Circle for Women & Men | Thick Resistance Hip Bands for...

    Sold By: TellGrade

    ☝ELEVATE YOUR WORKOUT TO NEXT LEVEL (multiple resistance): Singles (Blue 70cm, Burgundy 80cm, Grey) and Set of 3 bands that come in uniquely varying levels of resistance to bodyweight (under 120lb blue, 120lb – 250lb burgundy, over 250lb grey) selected as a result of 5 years research to let you target distinctly specific muscles to work on throughout your body. Suitable for Use anywhere, no gym or weights needed.
    💪ENGINEERED TO BE THE VERY BEST: Premium resistance hip band for challenging, effective and high performance training, Made entirely of durable, soft, lightweight high quality stretch fabric with reinforced double stitched seams, to withstand the toughest of workouts. It is designed to be grippy, non-slip, easy to use and compact without pinching or rolling up.
    🏃♀️TRAIN HARDER & TARGET ALL THE MAJOR MUSCLES THE BODY: Exercise loop targets all the biggest and most important muscles in the body from Glutes, Adductors, Abductors, Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Quads, external rotators to TFL and Calves ensuring all are activated and strengthened with use of the bands; Helps prevent injuries, burn more calories during your workouts like lateral walks, hip thrusts, Hip Abduction Adduction, Squats, High Knees, Leg Press, Glute Bridges, kickbacks, lunges, deadli

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